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Miss New York

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The state of New York is known for being the seat of the ‘American Dream’; a lot of Americans fondly refers to it as ‘The Empire Estate’. But while the things that basically define New York as a state are the tall buildings and massive freeways it serves as a home to (given that it is ‘The Empire State’ in the point of view of most Americans, as said), New York has something to say in terms culture and art appreciation as well. Just because New Yorkers are more into business and generating money, it does not mean that they do not know how to appreciate things that are not in anyway related to serious logic and mathematics. It is therefore not surprising that one of the most anticipated events in New York happens to be the one that crowns that lady that will represent the state in the Miss USA pageant (and hopefully, in the more prestigious, Miss Universe). Miss New York, although may not be as talked about and controversial as Miss California or its counterparts from more ’showbiz’ states has the ability to stir some degree of excitement as well to Americans or at least, to those residents of New York who are interested of knowing first hand that one lady that will represent the beauty and elegance of New York women in television and print.

Actually, while most people have this notion that New York as a state is more inclined with business and corporate ventures, considering that that is what people usually read in magazines and newspapers and see portrayed in television about the state, New York is not at all a loser when it comes to the Miss USA event which is all about elegance, sophistication and artistry. The fact of the matter is New York is one of the most successful states at the Miss USA pageant; it is ranked third, take note, third, in terms of number and value of placement across all years of competition.

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